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Blayze Ltd

Founded in 2003, Blayze Ltd brings a professional approach to investigations in the UK. Resourced with highly skilled personnel, and managed by an experienced businessman. Blayze Ltd brings modern business thinking to private investigation.


Private investigation is no longer the domain of ex-policemen supplementing their pension. Companies such as Blayze are specialist providers, working to high standards, delivering a range of security related services.

Equally at home in the Board Room and on the shop floor, Blayze resources assignments according to the requirements, using appropriately qualified, experienced personnel with the necessary specialist skills.

Not all assignments require expertise in tracing, or a pharmacology Expert Witness, or one of the range of specialist skills available. But when you do Blayze delivers.

If your need is less specialist Blayze has the resources to undertake your instruction.

At all times we strive to provide quality and value.

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Blayze Ltd

Registered in England

Company number: 4674213

Registered office

7 Bath Road, Old Town, Swindon, Wiltshire SN1 4AS


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Blayze Ltd holds PI Insurance

Blayze Ltd

Blayze Ltd

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