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A disciplined team whose combined skill sets bring synergy and a comprehensive investigative capacity

Disclosure and Barring Service

Company personnel have clear Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) records.

The Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) have merged to become the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). CRB checks are now called DBS checks.

Service specialists

Blayze personnel are predominately ex officers (including army & police), plus civilian specialists.

Two of the Blayze specialist services are covert observation and undercover assignments. As a consequence anonymity is vital. Blayze personnel skill sets are described here without identifying the people concerned.

Skill set 1

Intelligence operator whose background includes tactical awareness and image capture. ‘Black Arts’ expertise in rural hostile environments using state-of-the-art communication means.

Skill set 2

Female detective with a notable ability in questioning techniques; she has a gentle assertive manner and supreme tact. Experience with HR and HR issues, including the investigation of bullying. Being an expert in card fraud she is also our consultant in this field.

Skill set 3

Health Services Senior Level Manager & Consultant, with many years Pharmaceutical industry exposure working at global project level. Familiar with leading-edge concepts and research in biology & medicine, pharmacology and pathology, organic chemistry including industrial (scale-up) processes, medical gas testing. Customer focused with significant experience working with senior management and directors. Following his military experience, he trained as a commercial and private investigator.

Skill set 4

Specialist in technical surveillance: using covert electronic devices to gather information. Core skills in audio surveillance, covert CCTV and covert tracking.

Experience includes law enforcement operations to counter serious and organised crime.

Skill set 5

Former Royal Marines Officer of 12 years service with operational experience in multi-national and diverse environments, in intelligence & battlefield assets coordination. Many years experience in the commercial security sector. Qualified SIA licensed Close Protection operator. Strong communication skills, with extensive experience of liaison at a senior level in the military, ambassador service, United Nations & foreign Government staff.

Skill set 6

Experienced & licensed technical consultant with previous background as an electronics engineer. Specialises in CCTV, access control, computer networking; cutting edge tools for internal and external property protection.

Skill set 7

A technical operator with primary skills in external property protection especially in gates & doors, and external CCTV installation.

Skill set 8

Surveillance Specialist with 16 years in police service and 9 years in Royal Corps Signals. Experience and training in: covert operations; intelligence gathering & analysis; tracking techniques; police driver (class 1 qualified); video techniques - both overt and covert e.g. using body worn video equipment. With an impressive record of successful operations he has worked on large scale operations for corporations in London, intelligence gathering.

Skill set 9

Security Consultant with extensive experience of: all types of locks; safes (safe breaking technology & techniques); security cameras (both covert and overt); close protection of personnel (bodyguarding); advanced driving; underwater search (qualified diver); aerial photography (qualified pilot).

Skill set 10

Ex-soldier with varied intelligence background including use of “state-of-the-art” cameras; “methods of entry”; superlative interpersonal interactive skills (e.g. handling aggressive or violent people).

Skill set 11

Fraud investigator. Personal injury / insurance claims investigation.

Skill set 12

Legal process servers.

Skill set 13

Tracing (team): family history; genealogy. Tracing debtors and witnesses.

Skill set 14

Office Project Manager providing administrative support.

Skill set 15

Access to a range of other specialisms. e.g. Forensic Science, Forensic Accounting, Medical Research, Legal Services, Chartered Surveyors & Accountants; in both academic and practice environments.


Blayze personnel are trained to ensure we provide you with a professional service. For example, Blayze operators will have had either skill specific training through the armed forces or police, or civil investigator training through one of the recognised organisations such as the Institute of Professional Investigators or the Association of British Investigators.


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