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Expert Witness Pharmacology

Instructing an Expert Witness

Many cases would benefit from timely on-the-spot strategic advice prior to any in-depth case deliberations.

Drug Interactions

Prescribed medicines are a better excuse than substances of misuse in that the latter admission carries its own liability in law.

Alcohol and Driving

Alcohol is generally known to interact with just about everything, to some extent. So why not say that you were unaware of the effect of alcohol interacting with whatever it is that you’ve been prescribed?

Mephedrone and Driving

A 37 year-old mother of three was stopped by police one morning for erratic driving. She was found, subsequent to her arrest, to her obvious surprised horror to have mephedrone in her blood.

Doping in Sport

Athletes generally know about steroids, but some are unaware of the complexity of the steroids as a chemical class; there are many types of steroid.

Date Rape

I regularly come across date rape allegations. Some turn out that the Defendant did indeed use a drug to facilitate unwanted / unwelcome sex. Frequently the results show the opposite; the female (usually female) is making a false accusation.

Drugs in Hair

Drugs become incorporated into the body hair in a quantitative way, and as hair grows, the time - drug intake history, week by week, can be demonstrated to the satisfaction of the Courts.

Clandestine Drug Factories

Defendants have on occasion claimed in various and sometimes funny ways that the drugs were for personal use only.

Blameworthiness in both Action and Intention

Actus reus means the “guilty act” which, if proved beyond reasonable doubt together with mens rea, “guilty mind”, generates criminal liability, because “the act is not culpable unless the mind is guilty”.


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