Covert Observation

Covert Observation
People & property, Static & mobile, Electronic
Claims, Property damage, Personnel activity

Covert Observation

Blayze provides a covert surveillance service for Businesses and Solicitors. Private individual instructions are only accepted via a solicitor.

Covert Observation

Purpose of Covert Observation

For many investigations it is necessary to use covert observation techniques to identify the information required, as there is no suitable alternative approach.

  • Identify information about a person such as:
    • Current residence.
    • Place of work.
    • Who they meet, and where the meetings take place.
    • Activities such as type of work and location of work.
    • Level and type of activity, such as how physical.
  • Identify information about a property such as:
    • Level of activity at the location.
    • Who is involved in the activity.

Blayze manages operations to restrict the capture of information to that of relevance to the target investigation.

Blayze does not intercept electronically transmitted information, such as phone calls or internet traffic.

Types of Investigation

Investigations where covert observation may be used include:

  • False claims for sickness or injury.
  • Malicious property damage investigations.
  • Company personnel activity investigations.
  • Competitor intelligence.
  • Matrimonial / Partner investigations.

What is Covert Observation?

Covert observation takes three main forms:

  • Static observation of a location such as a property from a nearby position such as a van.
  • Mobile observation of the movements of a person or a vehicle. This could be by foot, car, motor-bike.
  • Electronic observation using covert equipment. Examples include a hidden time-lapse camera, a hidden audio / video recorder, or a hidden GPS tracker.

Blayze Service

Covert observation is used when it is the appropriate technique for your assignment. The purpose of the covert observation is discussed and agreed with you.

Our surveillance personnel are trained and experienced. Many are from a military background used to working in difficult locations.

For covert observation in the public sector there is controlling legislation (RIPA) that must be adhered to with regard to Directed Surveillance.

  • it is covert
  • it is not intrusive
  • it is undertaken for the purpose of a specific investigation or operation in a way likely to obtain private information about a person

For covert observation in the private sector there is no equivalent legislation; however Blayze follows principles similar to those set out under RIPA.

Blayze only accepts matrimonial / partner instructions via solicitors.

Contact Blayze for Covert Observation

Blayze provides a Covert Observation service across London, Southeast and Southwest England, the West Midlands and Wales.

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Covert Surveillance

Covert Surveillance

  • people & property
  • static & mobile
  • electronic
  • public sector (RIPA)
  • private sector

Covert Surveillance

  • London
  • Southeast England
  • Southwest England
  • West Midlands
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