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Witness Interview
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Witness Interview

The Service

Blayze provides a comprehensive Witness Statement service:

  • Arrange a time convenient to the witness for taking the statement.
  • Arrange a quiet location so that it can be done without interruption.
  • Check the identity of the person giving the witness statement.
  • Explain the process for taking the witness statement.
  • Ask searching questions to assist the witness in recalling all relevant information.
  • Maintain a neutral approach so as not to lead the witness.
  • Write down the statement of the witness if they request this done.
  • Have the witness read every page of the statement to check for errors and omissions.
  • Have the witness sign all pages.
  • Type up the witness statement if this is required.
  • Provide a brief report commenting on the credibility and attitude of the witness.

For claims statements we will also:

  • Assist the claimant to complete any required forms.
  • Collect any supporting documentation.
  • Collect any supporting photos, video.
  • Take photos and video of the current situation.

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Witness Statement

Blayze provides a Witness Interview service only in Wales.


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Witness Interviews

  • under caution
  • no caution
  • identity check
  • document check
  • photos
  • written statement
  • typed version
  • complete forms
  • collect documents
  • witness report

Witness Interviews

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Witness Interviews

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